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On May 27, 2017

Pinnacle Tower. Amsterdam. The Netherlands

Personal Development Series For Indispensable Assistants

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W.A.N.T.E.D. Events Series

Your Mindset is a Skill Multiplier

Welcome to the world’s first educational event series for assisting professionals where it’s our ambition to eXplore, eXperience and eXpress your mindset and the inner core of your soft skillset! The importance and impact of mindsetting is universal. It's not connected to any company, country or continent. It's the very reason why Assisting Professionals are exceptional at what they do!

A skillful Assistant is more than a set of learnable hard skills. It’s the person behind the title that is making all the difference. A lot is expected from Assistants nowadays; fast paced environments, tendencies towards managerial duties, complex team dynamics and level up executive thinking processes.

Undeniably, our hard skillset is important to take on the excellence challenge. But it’s who you are inside that delivers on external expectations and fulfills this role to the fullest. It’s time to pay attention to the core values that make us who we are today and make them stronger, bigger and better - from within!
GPA events focus specifically on 'PA Mindset' and soft skills, delivering essential theories and methods to the art of self-mastery, personal development, practical assignments, small group setting for accelerated learning, dialogue opportunities and a chance to learn from each other. We celebrate and accredit your growth mentality.

Your attendance and commitment will accelerate your on the job performance and transform you as the indispensable Assisting Professional! Your obvious benefits: a strong self-confidence, external acknowledgment and inner pride.

Upcoming Event 'Mastering Work-Life Balance'

Your Opportunity to Be a Part of Something Different

Do you work in a highly result driven & fast environment?
Was it too long ago that you actually focused on yourself and invested time on your well being?
Have you lost your balance in life and sacrificed most of your private life to your profession?

If all that sounds familiar and you experience times where you tend to lose yourself in the process… then our upcoming GPA event will be like a 'fresh breath of air' to you!

Our Assistant State of Mind is challenged to the max, won’t you agree?!
The reality of modern work environment of most Assisting Professionals can be challenging or even harsh. Demanding requests, meticulous quality standards, challenging our ability to deal with various levels of authority, strict company regulation, managing people in the office and spotless external representation. We are finding ways to cooperate with countless parties, to negotiate best terms and to smooth any trouble along the way.

… and where are YOU in this process? Do YOU and your private life suffer a little (or a lot) along the way?

Nowadays Assistants are so much more than they were even a few years ago. A lot is expected. We are stepping up on demand.
And what is the single most important quality that will make it possible for us to be all that and excel in our actions while bravely taking on the responsibility of being the new generation ‘leaders from behind’?

It’s our own STRENGTH AND BALANCE OF CHARACTER and our ability to follow and express PERSONAL INTEGRITY to the values we represent!

How to achieve all that? By becoming a master of this tricky art of work-life balancing. YOU and your sacred private life are extremely important in this process. You need to have your personal safe-haven to get decompressed and grounded in ways that suit only YOU. We often forget and sacrifice our private lives... and oh boy do we pay the price. The longer you linger on - the higher the price you pay. It's time to change that... Are you game?

UPCOMING GPA event on May 27th will focus on your ability to find or restore your preferred WORK-LIFE BALANCE.
Enable yourself to get back into your zone of excellence with some guided awareness and a few fast and easy to implement tricks & gigs!

Our promise to you: At the end of this day...
You will feel truly empowered from within, unshakable at core and ready to take on anything with undeniable confidence, skillful execution and ICONIC self-pride.
Invest in yourself, level up and discover there is more to you.
Get pampered by the ambiance and be supported by community of celebrated AWESOME ASSISTANTS.

'Mastering Work-Life Balance'

This topic contains all the precious W.A.N.T.E.D. soft skills and will target the importance of having and guarding your Audacious Personal Integrity in times of overload or even severe unbalance. To be truly Effective and acknowledged as an Assisting Professional you need to be strong at core and master a profound self-awareness. Staying human and energized while delivering professional support is a true skill of outstanding assistants. During our value packed program you will:

Ignite self-growth by prioritising yourself
Initiate self-awareness in a non-judgemental manner
Learn an instant model of how to analyse your state of wellbeing
Boost your regeneration progress by fast & easy-to-implement techniques
Nourish and acknowledge your sense of confidence and self-empowerment 
Understand various origins of challenging situations that cause unbalance
Learn how to stay strong and true to yourself while in the midst of any 'battle field'
Get inspired by the art of ‘making lemonade’ when life gives you nothing but lemons
Discover your own limiting beliefs that hold you back in becoming even more effective in your job and life 
...and lots of networking opportunities 

And of course you can enjoy our mini SPA facilities during Power Breaks, exquisite bites and health boosting refreshments... all that complementary! And you’re are welcome to stick around for closing after cocktail drinks to unwind and celebrate our AWESOME job of being Indispensable Assisting Professionals.

Part I May 27th
  • 13:00 - W.A.N.T.E.D. Welcome

    Anna Tjumina

  • - eXperience.Session

    Awareness & Assessment

  • 14:30 - Power Break (45 min & Mini SPA)

Part II May 27th
  • 15:15 - eXplore.Session

    Techniques of Self-Growth  

  • - eXpress. Session

    Inspiration to Act Differently

Closing May 27th
  • 17:00 - Closing Group Assignment

    Take-away Trilogy 

  • 18:00 - After Coctail Drinks

    Celebrating Awesomeness & Networking 

GPA Videos

Check out our amazing GPA 2015 "Positioning' event Testimonials:  GPA 2015 Testimonials: Video & Impression

“I really enjoyed the program, great motivational speakers, fantastic location. I loved the positive energy from Anna, which was contaminating and strongly recommend the Global PA events.  I will for sure be there in 2016!”
Olga da Costa, PA to CEO Philips Lighting (Netherlands) 

"Great organization. Inspiring Speakers. Loved the treatment breaks, photo shoot, make-up, styling. Different and unique PA event. Felt privileged, welcomed and pampered. Amazing goodie bag. Great to meet a passionate and professional Anna. Anna as entrepreneur and role model for PAs. Great investment in my personal soft skill ‘mindset’. It’s worth every penny. Drove back home with a big smile. Have met some amazing great and passionate PAs. Looking forward to the next GPA event."
Hilde van Baelen, Management Assistant at Medtronic (Netherlands)

"First of all thank you very much for your courage in initiating this platform and the events you organize. This is something I was missing in my professional life and really needed. Regarding the event I couldn't attend but watched on the recording link you shared with me, I was very glad to be able to hear/see the content and I felt very encouraged. It definitely helping me and I hope to see more events coming." 
Sandra Pitulice, EA at Euromaster (Romania)

"Thanks a bunch Anna! I'm watching the recordings and, honestly, it's fantastic! Thank you for having pulled that together, you did a really great job. I keep watching some parts of the recordings and replaying it. Thanks a lot for making it happen!" 
​​​​​​​Muriel Poncin, PA at GE (Belgium)


Event Extra's

GPA events will empower your mindset and your wellbeing! To make that happen in full force your body needs to be taken care of too. Our on-location Mini Spa facility will provide you with some soothing elements of the boosting SPA qualities with short procedures and imminent results. This and many more services will be available to you during the breaks - all inclusive!

  • Chair Massage - 5 min procedures
  • Aroma therapy - excite your senses
  • Health Boosting Coctails - all natural & dairy free
  • Hand wraps & feet bliss - the little pleasures

Register NOW! Seating is limited

Your Presenter

Experienced Leadership & Focus on Self-Growth

The setup of our event sessions is divided into three areas of focus:

To know how to get to your destination you need to know your current location and be aware of your habits that brought you there. In this section we’ll dive into the depths of our current mindset presets and understanding of our familiar ways of doing.
Before you learn how to run you need to walk. This practical section is about discovering new ways of doing and thinking, followed by practicing the art of self-mastery. Under our executive supervision you will set first steps in the desired direction.
For your new ways of action to work for you – you need to get extremely inspired to follow through. In this section we’ll focus on quick wins and success stories. Arm yourself with ready-to-use techniques and take-away guidelines.

I'm the founder of GPA and the author of the book on PA Soft Skills. As Private & Business PA to high executives, private individuals and entrepreneurs I'm is utterly engaged and devoted to my profession for over 14 years. Providing high-end support to most driven and demanding professionals, I grew to love the phenomenon of being an Assistant. With financial background I explored areas of luxury yachting, commerce, live entertainment, world class architectural design and insurance giants. Since 2010, I started a PA service company and completed considerable amount of world class personal development training. As the eminent  PA on-demand I'm making a difference in lives of extraordinary professionals. GPA is my latest venture, the ultimate platform for PAs to elevate their soft skills and feel empowered from within.
Anna Tjumina

GPA Founder, Private & Business PA will introduce the Content and guide Practical Assignments

Pricing Packages

Participation Options & Packages

Secure your ticket at GPA Solution NEXT event on May 27th and claim your 10% 'Next Event' discount!

At GPA, we want to make the valuable content available to as many Assisting Professionals as possible. Therefore we are happy to offer an option to join us via Replay Recording in case traveling to The Netherlands is not an option for you.
Choose your preferred way of participation and consider additional packages to your liking. We look forward to meet you and start this journey together.
Join us at the GPA Events, LIVE or via REPLAY, at Pinnacle Towers Amsterdam!


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How Personal Development will secure your position as an outstanding Assisting Professional

SIX SOFT SKILLS OF INDISPENSABLE ASSISTANTS is the first book for assisting professionals targeting soft skills and the needed mindset. To be able to grow and develop beyond your current levels of professional maturity you need to profoundly understand the importance of the W.A.N.T.E.D. skills - they are a direct multiplier of your hard skills.

Practical tools, check lists, methods and scientifically proven theories will help and assist you in your ability to create and control your daily doings in any variation of being an outstanding Assisting Professional.

Main focus of this book is on self-management, self-mastery and self-confidence... ultimately getting you to be a fulfilled, accomplished and happy YOU!
Based on real experiences, it will provide you much needed support to meet and exceed the expectations of the most demanding executives and entrepreneurs.

Catch a glimpse of the book! Get your FREE download of the first few chapters here (click on the cover below) – we dare to guarantee it includes something that will catch your eye and spark your curiosity. Out in online stores in June 2016.

Solution NEXT Challange Events

Every Core Skill Deserves a Center Stage

Every W.A.N.T.E.D. event is focused on targeting specific challenges Assistants face in their jobs. Most recurring are the topics of Work-Life Balance, Branding & Positioning and Stress Management. We believe that those can be conquered and mastered with the support of the properties, strengths and unused powers of our designated Core Soft Skills. Those can be interpreted as:

  • Core skill Willing is of crucial importance for 'Positioning' yourself as an expert Assisting Professional.
  • Being Available means being true to your 'Personal Integrity' while being well prepared, adaptive and responsive to challenging circumstances.
  • Application of being Nice is the core ingredient of 'Relationship Intelligence' and represents the need to master it with all its complexity and variety.
  • Being Tenacious means you can operate in 'High Performance' mode with indomitable focus and energy.
  • Effectiveness is your ability to 'Balance' elements around you and make them work in your favor so you can deliver on required results.
  • Audacious Dedication has the power to transform and generate 'Change Manifestation', compelling objectives to take on shapes that you aim for.

Uniquely designed Solution NEXT events will provide you with valuable ready-to-implement tools and methods. They will set your mindset to effortlessly work in your favor.

GPA Focus

Excusively for Assisting Professionals

Our focus is on YOU! Whether you are a junior Assistant, a midlevel professional or a seasoned expert providing excellent support...

W.A.N.T.E.D. events will boost your mindset, perfect your attitude, elevate your performance levels, reinforce your drive, nurture your core values and most of all … celebrate, pamper and pay much needed attention to the most important person behind any assistant – YOU!
Assistants often forget to support and care for themselves. We often lack time and energy to have a full personal life outside the ‘office hours’. A well-known occupational hazard. We, too, need to take a break, to ground ourselves and to express ourselves freely in a trusted circle of likeminded professionals.
GPA provides targeted educational and inspirational modules to master your mindset and polish your Soft Skillset. That's what Global PA Academy stands for! It’s all about YOU for a change. Who we are matters and we need to focus on what makes us superb at what we do – it’s our values, our character qualities and our attitude, all resulting in the exceptional fulfillment of our roles.

It's about our Assistant-state-of-mind, the art of self-mastery and the skill of self-management!

GPA Benefits

Your Participation will Evelate your Skills

Your mindset is a hidden multiplier of your skills. What starts within your core qualities directly translates into your soft skills, therefore quickly and unconsciously converting your hard skills into reality. Your mindset has a significant impact on your accomplishments and your level of excellence. Having a strong soft skillset is essential. We all know it, we all use it on a daily basis – now it’s time to pay serious and dedicated attention to make your soft skills stronger, bigger and better. Join our events and let our value packed programs excel and groom your expertise, your character, your superiority!
  • Get a motivated, energized and supportive MINDSET
  • Elevate your confidence, groom your branding and self-image
  • Get reinforced in your beliefs, values and personal integrity
  • Indulge in the magnitude of trusted company of likeminded professionals
  • Master the art of gracious service providing with pride and dignity
  • Get inspired by touching life stories of extraordinary individuals
  • Get pampered in ambient surroundings, enjoy soothing extras and experience well-deserved attention on YOU

  • Execute your role with unshakable security and belief in your value
  • Be encouraged to advocate merits you and your executive strive for
  • Feel supported by the community of likeminded at your convenience
  • Use your indomitable spirit to execute your development to new levels
  • Achieve acceleration by using new tools and knowledge accordingly
  • Explore your skills in excellent interpersonal communication
  • Lead by example of virtues, results and consistency
  • Encourage others to perform, be and act to the best of their potential
  • Experience a profound sense of pride and dignity in your role and your life
  • Be the trusted go-to person by positioning yourself as a true professional

  • W.A.N.T.E.D. Skills

    Your Defining Core Soft Skills

    W.A.N.T.E.D. skills enable us to match the ever-changing demands and ever-growing expectations of being an Assistant. These six inner core qualities make us, Assistants, the way we are – the driving force behind the scenes!


    Every Assistant has these skills by design. We just don’t use them consciously and don’t pay attention to the levels of their maturity. We expect them to grow with time, gaining the experience as we go. Why leave all of that to chance?! Mastering your soft skills is the ultimate purpose and focus of these series of events!

    Every W.A.N.T.E.D. skill deserves a spotlight attention. To eXplore their fundamental meaning and impact on your abilities we have chosen perfect topics to help us eXperience and accelerate the full potential of their nature.
    It's essential to advocate the powers of those skills in real life, while coping with challenges and conquering the odds. Being an Assistant is a job we love to do, and by cultivating your mindset with these qualities will make it exciting and extremely fulfilling to be in your role no matter any current circumstances.

    To be proud, content and confident about yourself and your abilities is a blessing to experience. To accomplish that, we need to understand, be aware of the essence, be willing to grow and develop our mindset & soft skills.

    Practicalities & FAQ

    Details and Practical Information of This Event

    It’s our pleasure to be your host at GPA W.A.N.T.E.D. events and make you as comfortable and excited as possible. You are daily dealing with never-ending list of issues and tasks, so let us unburden you for one day. Every detail is important and we aim to make your pre-event experience simple, smooth and convenient.
    We'll be pleased to receive and deal with any questions, feedback or propositions that might arise. You’re welcome to contact us directly in case your question is not covered in the FAQ below. Our GPA Dragon Team will be present for any guidance or questions during the event, too, we'll make sure we are visible.

    During registration process you can choose your preferred payment method. We accept and offer following options:
    – Payment by bank transfer or IDeal (no extra charge)
    – PayPal payments (5% additional surcharge)
    – Credit Card payments (3% additional surcharge)
    After registration you will receive an invoice by email with your preferred payment option integrated. Please be advised that all prices on this website are net and excluded of VAT.
    Promo codes and other offers are not exchangeable for any financial reimbursements.
    We have prepared a letter to your executive with unshakable evidence and convincing grounds for your participation at W.A.N.T.E.D. events to be beneficial to your executive development and skills excellence. Download your copy here or contact us at events@globalpaacademy.com for any specific requests.
    For your convenience, we can assist you in finding a suitable hotel nearby event location. Please contact us at events@globalpaacademy.com for further equerries.
    Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is located 30 minutes (driving distance) from the event location and is one of the biggest European airports. Average transfer fee by taxi is 65 euro. If you require any assistance while choosing your way of transportation please contact us at events@globalpaacademy.com.
    Pinnacle Tower is easily accessible by car and public transportation. Underground parking is possible in the guarded garage around the corner (Markenhoven) from the event location. Valet parking is possible.

    In case you have any special dietary requests you can indicate your preferences during registration process.
    It’s our purpose at GPA to unite the Assisting Professionals worldwide. To make our W.A.N.T.E.D. events available and accessible internationally we are conducting all presentations and communication in English. In case all participants will be will be from The Netherlands or Belgium the event can be held in Dutch. This will be timely communicated to all participants.
    When you are in possession of additional VIP package your will receive a distinctive wrist bracelet at registration. You are required to have it with you at all times during the event. This bracelet will provide you access to the VIP seating area, ‘first in line’ SPA access and VIP service area situated on the balcony.
    In case you have chosen to join us for closing dinner & drinks and purchased the Evening package you will receive a separate distinctive wrist bracelet at registration. Please display the bracelet when entering the Evening Area at location. After event drinks start at 6.30 pm. Dinner starts at 7pm.
    Please be advised that both VIP package and Evening package are ONLY available in combination with Event Access. It is not possible for us to provide either of those in combination with Replay Recording tickets.

    Promo codes are not applicable.

    Please download here our General Terms and Conditions for your reference.

    Please download here our Code of Conduct guidelines for your reference. This document presents a summary of the shared values and “common sense” thinking in our community. The basic social ingredients that hold our events and community together and make it strong, respected and valuable. GPA Code of Conduct offers guidance to ensure GPA members can cooperate, develop and excel effectively in a positive and inspiring atmosphere, and to explain how together we can strengthen and support each other. This Code of Conduct is shared by all participants, contributors and affiliates who engage within GPA team and its community platform. If you will have any questions please contact us at events@globalpaacademy.com.

    Global PA Academy is a production by Preferred Assistant.
    Please find here the company details:
    Preferred Assistant
    PO Box 257. 2800 AG Gouda. The Netherlands
    Nessepolderstraat 6. 2807 NC Gouda. The Netherlands
    Tel. +31 88 7733 200
    Email. info@preferredassistant.nl
    Chamber of Commerce. 51150549
    VAT reg nr. NL214663851B01 

    Venue & Contact Information

    Inspirational Charater Venue

    Make sure you timely secure your participation, as there are only 75 places available!

    Centrally located in Baarn, this is a real-life castle! Being a monumental heritage it's far from the usual and busy business setting, the majestic De Hooge Vuursche! For images please visit the Venue Gallery located under the Schedule tab.
    Modern amenities in combination with classic elements make this a perfect place to relax, get comfortable, enjoy the company of likeminded professionals and work on the delicate nature of your Assistant-state-of-mind!

    Event Location

    • Visit Us

      Event Location:
      Pinnacle Offices
      Muiderstraat 1
      1011 PZ Amsterdam
      The Netherlands

      PO Box 257
      2800 AG Gouda
      The Netherlands

    • Call Us
      +31 88 7733 200
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    About GPA

    Reasons behind the W.A.N.T.E.D. series

    No matter what the title is: EA, PA, Administrative Assistant, Head Butler, Estate Manager, family assistant or any other variation of assisting professional… it’s who you are at the core that makes you good at what you do. At some point we reach a level of professional maturity, our hard skillset is up to the required standards. What now?!

    There is a lot out there on personal development but not much that is especially tailored to what we Assistants have to deal with. It’s expected from us to look past the challenges, seek solutions and do whatever it takes. It’s all about our inner ability to reinforce ourselves to do more, be more and achieve more in order to get things done. That requires a specific personality and, being an Assisting Professional, you have those skills by design.
    Truth is, we don’t pay much attention to the source of our super powers. Those soft skills are simply expected, but rarely praised as the reason for our excellence.

    W.A.N.T.E.D. event series are born out of mere necessity. We need to polish our soft skills to be able to deal with complicated interpersonal relationships, have a higher sense of knowing how to behave in certain situations, being able to quickly switch and flex our mindset and be very aware of your own state of being while providing superb support to our executives.

    Joining W.A.N.T.E.D. events is a way for you to grow on your journey to self-mastery and to excelerate from within! We bring together the world's best experts in their field of personal development, skill elevation and mindset stimulation. Those renowned experts will provide us with strategies, tools and methods to make us perfectly fit to deal with anything that is requested of us with ease, wisdom and grace.
    At Global PA Academy we aim to unite Assisting Professionals who are on the quest to become and stay up on top of their abilities.

    GPA Dragon

    Symbol Deffinition

    Dragon is a perfect representation of an Empowered Assisting Professional. Welcome to our GPA Dragon's Den!

    GPA Dragon symbol tells all about who we are and what we stand for as Assistants. The focus meaning of GPA Dragon:
    • A dragon is always a combination of species – a perfect metaphor for Assistants as we are required to tailor our set of skills to complete any task.
    • Dragons have a life-giving capacity – which is true as we often create something out of nothing and we achieve the impossible.
    • In Chinese daily language, excellent and outstanding people are compared to a dragon – that is exactly how we would describe Assistants.
    • Dragons often bear a pearl which perfectly balances on his breath – a balance we Assistants constantly strive for.
    • Some dragons represent justice. They guard against danger, injustice, deception and betrayal. Always ready to help and rescue, but the pearl of welfare is only reserved for the chosen ones – this justifies our role as gatekeepers of our executives and the people we support.
    • More than any other symbol, dragons master all elements of nature. A dragon can take many forms and can be victorious in any circumstances - which is very convenient with what we do as Assistants.
    Exceptional application belongs to the Dragon of Ambition, who has ultimate perseverance skills and strong ambitions. Ancient Chinese legend tells a story of a goldfish that conquers a great amount of complications and challenges on its way to the Dragon Gate, then jumps over it and as a reward is turned into a mighty dragon. This stands for great potential in all of us as long as we are committed to work hard and honestly for what we want. The dragon of Ambition is constantly on its quest to improve, acquire knowledge, stimulate progress and secure results.

    In addition: GPA Dragon stands for wisdom, strength, goodness, dignity and alertness. He entails qualities of future growth and expansion. He guards positioning, reputation and career. With wings he can soar high above, giving him a panoramic perspective. He has the ability to see the “bigger picture” as well as the ability to see danger looming in the distance or foresee future developments.

    Dragons usually possess some form of supernatural power. Yes, we do!
    Dragons are the most complex and universal creatures on earth. Yes, we are!

    GPA Community

    Assisting Professionals are Stronger Together

    At GPA, we connect likeminded professionals which makes us all grow further and faster, assisting us to perform with unquestioned determination and ease, finding support that is hard to find. It’s important to be understood when nobody gets us and find answers that are tailored to our challenges.
    We battle our wars together, discover new ways to flourish, expand in dimensions. Together we advocate excellence, impossible results and high performance in demanding surroundings. Take the quantum leap with us and contribute to the community of superb Assisting Professionals.

    GPA Vision
    At GPA, we believe in Empowered Assisting Professionals who are proud and in full control of themselves and circumstances. Armed with a mindset of high standards, clear vision, leading skills, consistent performance and social excellence they exceed expectations and provide exceptional support.

    GPA Assistant Role Vision
    It’s our aim to be highly valued, appreciated and needed as Assistants! We create and surround ourselves with valuable relationships. We are devoted and passionately committed to make anything possible if our executives put their minds to it. Our results create undeniable positioning and exposure. We are proud to be Assisting Professionals.

    GPA Promise
    Mastering Assistant-state-of-mind will make you excel in your role to the fullest. GPA provides tools to elevate the quality of your soft skills. GPA delivers the knowledge of mindsetting so you can take control of that precious inner power. GPA members are powered by confidence and self-awareness. They can skillfully show they truly care and are willing to make others excel, satisfied and at ease.

    GPA is passionately driven to tailor the educational content to the needs of Assistants today, selecting only the best experts. To create a comfortable and trusted environment to open up, experience safety to speak up, and discuss tendencies. Ultimate focus lies on the efforts to pamper and acknowledge your persona – inside and out.

    GPA Mission
    Your mindset makes you who you are and you have the power to mold it into an ultimate state of preferred excellence. It’s our mission to set a stage for you to make the transformation of your mindset to serve and enable you to excel as Assisting Professional.

    The essence of Assistant-state-of-mind is to be profoundly fine-tuned and vibrant, centered and unshakable, prepared and energized, curious and tenacious in achieving more and better results. To be driven by an indomitable, unconquerable and supportive spirit. You are destined to be satisfied with and be proud of who you are and where you are, while cultivating your ambitions. To be kind and nurturing to yourself and so to be fundamentally supported from within. When Assistants excel – others benefit!