The key to make any plan or new idea work: neuroplasticity!

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PA Branding Part 3.2 – To fulfill a new plan you need a new mindset

Say what?! That is exactly the reaction you need to have while planning new actions. The thing with us humans is that we tend to stick to old ways of doing things for way too long. And the worse thing is, we take on new challenges using those old methods far too often. Now, don’t get me wrong. We use those methods again and again because they have proven to work. So, yes, that is not a bad strategy at all. But it’s a right madness to use those while dealing with something new and possibly outrageous (at least it’s outrageous to us now, after execution it will become just another thing you did before lunchtime – it’s a mindset).

We need to make a distinction in those tasks that these ‘old’ methods can apply to. Because, logically, these methods will work again on the same kind of tasks, right?! But what if a task is different or absolutely new all together? Here is where a lot of great ideas and plans die prematurely… because we try to get on with it in our old-fashioned ways and we usually fail. We might try again, but chances are we will quit way before the famous Edison’s 1000 attempts at inventing the light bulb.

So how to go about making new plans and ideas work without being discouraged in trying to get there? The answer lies in your brain! The scientific term is ‘neuroplasticity’ but you can translate it into ‘curious creativity’ to grasp the essence.

Let me describe the science first and you will see how incredible easy and controllable your mind is! I love this part…

Now, you might know that the intelligence of your brain is determined by the amount and the strength of interconnections within your brain between the different ‘thinking’ cells. By the way, the cool fact is that only about 10% of our brain is made up from the ‘thinking’ cells, the rest of it is the liquid substance that makes the interconnections possible. And the very, very cool thing is that YOU have the power to create as many interconnections as you want! Being intelligent (in any way, shape or form) is within your control.

Without going deeper into science that is so complicated and still relatively unknown to man, here is what you can do to create those interconnections. THINK! The more often you think about something the stronger those connections get. And creativity creates NEW interconnections between unfamiliar cells.

There are tons of tricks to create new connections, and the simplest one is listening to music! Music supports creativity and while thinking new thoughts… you create new connections. OK, enough science and please don’t catch me on the details. I love how John Medina explains our brain. Read his books and you will fall in love with your own grey matter!

Neuroplasticity is the ability of your brain to carve new pathways of thinking, funding new ways of doing and changing or altering old ones. Recent studies have proven that our neuroplasticity is greater than ever thought before. Intelligence is not a fixed given, you might be born with a (dis)advantage, but that all can change if you put your mind to it. Use it to help you get ahead! You are the master of your BRAIN and so the master of your future! (Hallelujah…)

Moving on. The key power here is asking yourself questions, preferably intriguing, challenging, inspiring or insane questions. The more outrageous the question, the better the answer you will get!

Making this practical, here is what you need to realize. The ‘old’ methods I mentioned earlier are the existing interconnections of your brain. They are strong and we follow those pathways with speed and ease. Great for routine tasks and projects. Now let’s say you decided to do something new, courageous, challenging or downright alien. Some of it by choice (like this effort of creating a new Personal Awesomeness Brand) and some of it by order of command (I tend to work for executives who are brilliant in coming up with outrageous new ideas and asking me to just do it… by tomorrow if possible).

Here is a plan of action to start something new or slightly different with a bigger chance of success:


To save yourself from sorrow and disappointment of possible failure, you need to consciously label this as a ‘new and never done before’ endeavor. This will automatically discharge your ‘old’ pathways in your brain and activate ‘creative’ pioneers of your grey upper army. I cannot explain why, but even just deciding that ‘THIS is something so unusual that I need to come up with new ways of dealing with it’ creates an instant vibe of solution seeking actions in your brain. It translates into brainstorming with the speed of light and I better have a pen at hand to write things down. You see, it’s a habit. And I have to do this so often that those ‘crazy creativity’ agents in my brain are very productive once activated.


It doesn’t matter how good new ideas seem to be and how sure you are that you will remember them – DON’T! Don’t even try to! I will guarantee you will forget most of it 15 minutes later. Write everything down. The reason why is simple: what you request of your brain during brainstorming is a totally different activity than trying to remember things. Different parts of your brain are active and as you know, you cannot physically think 2 things at the same time.

It’s a whole multi-freaking-national cooperation there in your brain, with hundreds of subsidiaries, thousands of department managers and millions of employees. Brainstorming AND remembering things at the same time is like having a board meeting in the middle of a busy factory floor. Both projects will fail and you will only be distressed because you need to clean up the mess and calm everybody down. So make it easy for yourself. Take a minute or so (once mastered, it really only takes a few minutes to come up with a brilliant set of actions) and bluntly write everything down that comes to mind.


NO judgment here! If you will judge your brainstorming now – it will kill the process! Why? Because it’s your existing pathways that are doing the judging! How would they know if something new will work? They don’t! So don’t judge anything for now…


I wrote about it in previous posts, but let me repeat myself. Try to go on until you will have 7 options! There is a perfectly good reason for this rule. The first 3 options will come out easily. But the real magic happens in the process of the following 4 options. Why? Because you will recite the obvious ones first… and only then you will need to get creative. And please don’t even start with me that you are not a creative person! I can prove you without a doubt that EVERYBODY is creative. Just try this process. And if you still doubt me – send me a message and I will prove it to you!

Again – no judging here, because the new ideas will seem weird at first.


Now, let’s start the selection process. The unfortunate thing for people who are very practical, is that there is no real guideline here. You can start trying things out, but be prepared that most of the attempts might fail. Personally, I start with the most outrageous option first! And in most cases I’m lucky. It’s not so much that this option works on its own, but when I start implementing it – new ways reveal themselves, more ‘crazy alike’ options appear and I do get the job done in the requested fashion. That’s all that counts, right?!

Personal Assignment

OK, there is work to do. How to implement this into our endeavor of molding an amazing Personal Brand? You can guess that it’s up to your Beautiful Mind to give the right answer to that question!

By now, you know exactly how you want it to be in the end (take a look at the previous posts if you have no idea what I’m talking about). Now it’s time to take action. We will start with first steps in the next post, but for now… get yourself battle ready!

Ask yourself this question: What would be the fastest way to establish my ICONIC Personal Brand?

Get yourself a piece of paper and write your heart out! And – do write down all your limiting thoughts too. Because, o boy, do we have a lot of them! Especially in the Assisting Profession we ‘believe’ in a lot of things that do not help us get ahead. The worst one: I’m dispensable! You’re NOT! Now – take a moment to notice all the thoughts that come your way at the speed of light in your defense… it’s absolutely crazy! We will deal with those soon enough, for now, just get everything down on paper…

The shiny amazing YOU is somewhere there. At some point – you will see it too and then building, living and breathing your Personally Awesome Brand will be easy and very rewarding.

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