Your Unique Selling Point: to brag or not to brag?!

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PA Branding Part 3.1 – Know your Unique Super Powers 

All professionals have their own story. And it’s absolutely intriguing to hear stories of Assistants. A better question to ask an Assistant would be: how did you end up being an assistant, did you stumble into it or did you chose to be an assistant? The stories all differ and at some point… YES, we chose this profession. But most of us do stumble into a specific area of being an Assisting Professional. Those stories are priceless…

Exactly those stories have made us who we are. Nothing happens without reason and everything shapes us. I hate it when people generalize, especially when it comes to Assistants. No two assistants are the same. They all have their own unique qualities and strengths, even if they have the same title and work in the same company.

Now, we all know that in marketing terms, a product needs to have a Unique Selling Point.
The well-known USP is the basis for every marketing campaign. In our case, let’s turn it to:

USP = Unique Super Power!

I truly believe that every individual has a very own USP too, we just never cared to sit and think about it. No, it’s not the 30-second pitch. No, it’s not a summary of your resume. It’s one sentence or even one word that says it all and it’s applicable to you at all times, in all forms and every fashion.

I bet there are countless theories on how to define your USP. In essence, it is quite simple… If you are very honest with yourself, in the privacy and comfort of your own mind, we all know what we are good at. It’s something, no matter how small and insignificant it might seem to others, that we are hugely proud of. If you have done the previous assignment on ‘7 Branding Promises’ then I guarantee you it’s in there somewhere.

Here is a trick, in case you are struggling: Imagine you are on board of a super team, The Avengers of your office. What would your Super Power be that no one else has?

In my career as an Assistant with many prefix titles, my USP has been shown to me by the hand of faith (how dramatic) in the form of recurring types of executives I worked for. Not too long ago, I discovered there is a connecting theme in the personalities I deal with and do so effectively. And I Loved it even more once I realized what it was! Although I do have a few other Super Powers (here comes the bragging) I do use this ‘exec theme’ as my leading USP when I’m selling my services.

To help you out a little further, here is some good advice:
You Unique Super Powers are not those that you were born with. It’s something that has been perfected over time, your personal journey has made them ironclad and your inner personal qualities have made them unique in execution style!

So look back on your Assistant Journey… What is your theme? What is your Unique Ironclad Power of excellence and mastery?

I keep calling Assistants supernatural, because there are things that we do, even on a daily basis, that are impossible, sublimely perfect or meticulously complicated. And usually, the execution and the hard work are hidden from the outside world, even from our executives. All seems to flow naturally and without any complications to the outsiders – but we know better! We just don’t brag about it, something that is a good thing and a bad thing all in one.

So, here is the eternal question: do we brag about it or do we keep it to ourselves?!

And to be perfectly honest, it’s not an easy question to answer. Why? Because there is a huge risk of being put in a specific box after you proclaim your special superiority to the world. That is unfortunately true, as it’s how we humans are. I hate this part, because by doing that, by ‘boxing’ each other, all our other qualities seemingly diminish. Such a shame!

For this to work in a desired fashion the audience needs to be educated on what to do with this info. A carefully constructed prelude is needed. But hey, that’s way too much work so we prefer to keep it to ourselves. And here is the eternal glitch of Assistants NOT speaking up about it.

The positive effects are obvious, it positions you in an instant. And if provided with direct supporting evidence – you are given the benefit of the doubt and entrusted to do your magic.

Now, this whole PA Branding topic is focused on getting you exactly there. There are many roads leading to Rome and using this USP is one of them. If you can master the art of bragging about your USP professionally, effectively and with dignity – it will propel your Personal Brand. If you do it even with so much as a hint of arrogant attitude while summing up your accomplishments – it will push you off the stairs in the eyes of the beholder. It’s that black and white!

I’ll admit, I’m not an expert here. I’m still looking for ways to find that fine balance. There were times that proudly mentioning my USP got me the job. But there were also times where this act pushed away the people I wanted to attract. Live and learn…

No matter what you do with it – you need to know what your Unique Super Power is. It will always make you stronger on the inside. And, by the Law of Attraction, it will magnetize you to the things that desperately need your attention and excellence. You will find yourself doing things you love, things you are good at and things that make you proud. And that will absolutely radiate to the world – people will simply sense and know that you are good at this! This is your Kingdom!


Please do share with us your ways of promoting your USP, let’s learn and grow stronger together…

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